Mengyao Dong


Joint Ph.D. student 

Integrated Composite Laboratory

Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

University of Tennessee 

Knoxville, Tennessee 37996 USA 



Research Interests            
Conductive polymers   Epoxy nanocomposites      Solid particle erosion


2017.11-Now: University of Tennessee, Knoxville    

Chemical & biomolecular engineering, joint Ph.D.

2015.09-Now: Zheng Zhou University, Zheng Zhou
Material processing and Control Engineering, Ph.D. 

2012.09-2015.06: Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology

Material Science and Engineering, Master of Engineering

2008.09-2012.06: Chongqing University of Science and Technology

Material processing and Control Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering



1.       Dong Mengyao, Liu Chuntai, Lv Guangchao, Zhang Na. Effect of carbon nano-fiber to glass fiber/epoxy composite on mechanical and wear resistance, FRP/CM, 2016(6), 16-20.

2.      Dong Mengyao, Lu Zhili, Lv Guangchao, Zhang Na. Effect of carbon nano-fiber on the permeability of glass fiber composite, FRP/CM, 2016(11), 11-14.

3.      Dong Mengyao, Jin Zili, Ren Huiping. Effects of RE on microstructure and texture of non-oriented low-carbon electrical steel, Heat treatment of metals, 2015, 40(5), 6-9.

4.      Dong Mengyao, Jin Zili, Ren Huiping. Study of hot deformation behaviors in RE and Nb microalloying Fe-3%Si non-oriented silicon steel, Chinese Rare Earths, 2017, 38(1), 55-60.

5.      Hu Liu, Mengyao Dong, Wenju Huang, Jiachen Gao, Kun Dai, Jiang Guo, Guoqiang Zheng, Chuntai Liu, Changyu Shen, Zhanhu Guo. Light weight conductive graphene/thermoplastic polyurethane foams with ultrahigh compressibility for piezoresistive sensing, J.Mater.Chem.C, 2017, 5:73-83.