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Cai Chu-jiang, Ph. D. Associate Professor
School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering, Beihang University


Professional Experience
2009-present, Associate Professor, Beihang University
2008-2009, Lecturer, Beihang University
2006-2008, Post-doctor, Beihang University
2001-2006, Ph.D., Beihang University
1997-2001, B.S., Beihang University

Research Interest
1 Preparation and application of the two-dimensional nanomaterial
2 Preparation of the micro/nano particles by air jet mill
3 Application of the micro/nano particles in fluid mechanics experiments
Selected Publication
[1] Cai Chujiang, Liang Shuaishuai, Shen Zhigang etc. The study and preparation of petroleum
coke oil slurry for diesel engine [J]. Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and
Environmental Effects, 2014, 36(22): 2458-2463.
[2] Cai Chujiang, Liang Shuaishuai, Shen Zhigang etc. AFM study of the vinyl triethoxysilane
(A-151) film prepared by spraying deposition and dipping deposition [J]. Journal of Adhesion
Science and Technology, 2013, 27(21): 2315-2325.
[3] Cai Chujiang, Wu Yun, Shen Zhigang etc. The integration of carborundum powder
comminution and surface modification in an air jet mill [J]. Minerals Engineering, 2012,
26(1): 1-4.
[4] Wu Yun, Cai Chujiang, Shen Zhigang etc. Surface Topography of Vinyltriethoxysilane
Films Deposited on the Silicon Dioxide Substrate (0001) Investigated by Atomic Force
Microscopy[J]. Advanced Materials Research, 2012, 418: 513-522.
[5] Cai Chujiang, Li Jinzhi, Shen Zhigan, Ma Shulin and Xing Yushan. Synthesis of
hydrophobic corn starch with high flowability by surface modification [J].
Starch‐Stärke, 2009, 61(6): 344-351.
[6] Cai Chujiang, Shen Zhigang, Zhen Yanhong, et al. A novel technology for
powder dispersion and surface modification [J]. Journal of Materials Science,
2007, 42(11): 3745-3753
[7] Cai Chujiang, Shen Zhigang, Ma Shulin, et al. Growth behavior and surface
topography of different silane coupling agents adsorbed on the silicon dioxide
substrate (0001) for vapor phase deposition [J]. Journal of Materials Science,
2007, 42(15): 6108-6116
[8] Cai Chujiang, Yu Xiaozheng, Shen Zhigang1 and Xing Yushan, A comparison of
two methods for metallizing the fly-ash cenosphere particles: electroless plating
and magnetron sputtering[J]. Journal of Physics D: Applied physics, 2007, 40(19):
[9] Cai Chujiang, Shen Zhigang, Xing Yushan, et al. Surface topography and
character of γ-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane and Dodecyltrimethoxysilane films
adsorbed on the silicon dioxide substrate via vapor phase deposition [J]. Journal
of Physics D: Applied physics, 2006,39(22): 4829-4837
[10]Cai Chujiang, Shen Zhigang, Wang Mingzhu, et al. Surface metallization of
cenospheres and precipitators by electroless plating [J]. China Particuology,
2003,1(4): 156~161



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